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Ngbaka is more than a beer. It is the story of four African boys in Europe who discovered home is not just a place but a sense for the things that make us feel rooted and whole.
At its core, Ngbaka is a discovery. Not just another flavoured beer from Africa but a true discovery. The beer is inspired with ingredients from Africa and the authentic flavour is distinct. In every beer, we also add our spirit, joy and laughter to share with you because as they say in Africa, if you want to go far, you go together.


The art of branding is key to us here at LMU Solutions. We relived the story behind Ngbaka so as to to understand the client's Vision and hence creating a platform that would represent the client well.

  • Date

    April 15, 2022

  • Skills

    Html, CSS, PHP, Wordpress

  • Client


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